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  • I took you and Yoshinite. Send me the mons.

    Do not worry, i will decide the rules you guys didnt decide.
    Hey, dont forget your battle.
    Also, use oranger text (and bolden it) for Arachne's lines. Yellow text really hurts our eyes lol.
    Hey, man. You should try to get into more battles lol. You can have 3 battles at once. If your opponent disapears like Geodude6 did, you are able to DQ him, giving you the win and counters.
    (Wont work anymore since he posted :P)
    I just put nothing but whatever you want to do is fine. Also IRC is a great way to get to now everyone!
    Hey new guy! I have challenged you for your first ASB battle in the battle tower here. Just make a post saying "I accept" or something similar and PM the referee your 'mons that you will be using! See you on the battlefield!
    Hey, new guy!

    I suggest you boost Yamask's Sp.Def or Sp.Attack. It does not need even more defense, especialy when it got Will-O-Wisp.

    It will take a while for you to get approved, i hope you have a great time :D
    Welcome to smogon! I noticed you were browsing the ASB forum. If you would like help getting involved, I would be happy to help!
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