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  • My response: Meh. It was doing fine before you pointed out every single thing that nobody else would've taken the time to notice.

    Yeah, true. And I didn't expect it either, but the fact is you were partially right. That's the other part of the reason I left it alone, because people needed to figure out that we're all roughly on the same level when it comes to in-game.
    Yeah, but psychology doesn't work that way. If you new, if you're struggling, or if you just want to be respected, you need people to look up to or marks to aim for. That thread accomplished that. As a budding psych major, I've firmly studied this point.

    Haha, I guess so. And it made me just leave the thread alone and let it die, so you accomplished your goal anyway.
    Hey. And I forgive you, but just fyi...

    You kind of missed the point of the thread. It was to show that it is possible to improve no matter how bad your start is. Any "glorifying" of raters was done to get that point across, since only a handful of them would be known by the newer raters in the section.

    Also, ICP, really? Couldn't have made it more obvious that it was you.
    Hey Al. Like TBR, I'm not going to be on here much. Thanks for the add anyway though.
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