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  • hey i saw you took some good screen shots for xia and i was wondering if you can do some for me?
    alright i'll be on all day today and tuesday after 3. Wednesdays I'll only be on at night, thursdays and fridays same thing, but i stay up pretty late friday, and I'm always on saturday/sunday.
    Hey, I'll be free tomorrow night. Hit me up on AIM/IRC/Shoddy if you can!
    As much as we know it's going to be a September 2010 release, as for the specific date we have yet to know. There's another movie trailer that has come out since February, which confirms the final models of the four new Celestial Being Gundams that are going to be present:

    - Raphael Gundam (Tieria), a combination of Innovator and CB tech, housing four remote-controlled cannons, however that's about all we know;

    - Gundam Harute (H/Allelujuah), using the data of Arios/Kyrios and Archer, its mobile fighter mode is a little more chunky, and in mobile suit mode its beam rifles have a bayonet-like end to them that can be combined to form the pincer;
    - Gundam Zabanya (Lyle/Lockon), a reconstructed design of Cheridum, housing two containers behind it, and added sensors on its body for better sniping accuracy and efficiency;

    - Gundam Qan[T] (Setsuna), a combination of Exia/RII and 00-Raiser, it features a new system called the Quantum System to take advantage of Setsuna's Innovator capabilities. Speculation is theorizing it has the power of two drives, due to the confirmation of the Twin Drive System being on Qan[T], but it only has one drive.
    There are also comfirmation of a new GN Flag model, possibly supporting the Twin Drive System, and a new GN-X called the GNX-IV. There are also rumors circulating that the movie will include the return of Gundam Dynames.

    If you don't already know the site, you can keep up with the news on The Gundam Wiki. It's about the best place to find anything and everything about Gundam from the original Mobile Suit to the rare series like 0083, and it's updating a lot due to the hype over the new movie. Hope that helps with info. :)
    Why thank you. lol. I'm quite stoked about the new 00 Movie coming out in the fall, can't wait for that.
    Ah, I see, you combined TryParse with the ReadLine, as well as checking for the greater than symbol all into one line. That's genius. Being a freshman in CS I probably wouldn't of thought of that.

    And as for the posting, no problem. I've been lurking around Smogon for a year now, I absolutely adore the community's work, and instead of waiting around to get introduced to the community via Battling 101 I figured I'd jump right in, having read the rules of course. I'd really like to leave my mark here, as I do believe I could contribute a lot. For example as soon as I learn Java I'd like to work on plugins for Shoddy Battle, something like a Team Resistances/Weakness chart for the Team Builder, maybe a damage calculator, things like that.
    By the way, thank you for making your posts that are required for battling 101 something more than "me too" posts. It is appreciated.
    Yes, the signature length rules are going to make it a real pain. You could do multiple statements on a single line, but I will take away points for that. (Points are imaginary).


    if(int.TryParse(Console.Readline(), out i) && i > 9000)

    But make sure to assign i a value, or this won't compile.
    It also doesn't check to see if i is not an integer, but I was short on space. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it immediately.
    The code in your signature will throw an invalid cast exception. Please fix.

    Actually, it won't even compile.
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