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  • yes they are cloned, they are near flawless with right nature, you can see the details in my thread.
    i mostly only do PO battling and have been meanign to work on a wifi one for my ds but i only have my gen 4 teams on them xD
    once i ev train and get a soild team ill be sure to get my FC and we can have a match ;o
    and thanks i put a ton of effort into trying to make it a good one xD
    If you really want the latios, you should make an trade thread. There I can see what you have to offer.
    Hello Alpha Wolf, I just received your message. I think your team needs a Meinshao becuase you already have a physical attacker and a special attacker.

    Meinshao is more like a support attacker because it doesn't have enough damage to actually faint a pokemon by itself but can do extra damage to help your team.

    Fake Out can be used on the first turn then use U-turn to return back. With Meinshao's ability, Regenarator, you heal a little bit when you switch out which keeps Meinshao lasts longer.

    Meinshao is also another pokemon that can lead because most trainers use Tyranitar or Ferrothorn as their lead to set-up Stealth Rock and they are both weak to Fighting-types.

    I hope my suggestions were helpful. If you have any questions please contact me and I'd be happy to help you.

    Hey I just rated your OU team. You can find it [thread=3450239]here.[/thread]

    Take your time reading my suggestions. It's pretty long as usual.

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