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    Pokémon Dragapult

    Modest Nature Max SpAtk and Speed Hex, Wisp, Draco, U-Turn with Lefties and Tspikes support. Bye again
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    To what extent does risk have inherent value?

    I dont got time for all that. Flip the coin once and give me my shit. I'm also not paying you to flip a coin for me. smh.
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    Serious Sesame Street Controversy

    Wasnt really surprising tbh. Was more interesting to see people with my same reaction or accepting. Doubt this would’ve flew 20 years ago without serious backlash.
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    To add on this reply the VR thread isn’t really good for new players since new players are better off using sample teams, usage stats, word of mouth by experienced players who some dont use the VR to make judgements anyways. The VR is good to keep traffic going through the subforum and thats...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Offensive teams normally use Healing Wish users. Doesn't suck up your momentum in comparison to another support cleric move. If it's important to use Heal Bell you're better off reworking the structure of your team to not be dictated by a certain playstyle. Clefable gets it , but it's as trash...
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    Is it ok for men to shave their legs?

    You dont like your women looking like chewbacca?
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    Separating Genders

    I dont agree with gender neutral bathrooms and I dont see how thats more practical as call of winter puts it. Seems like it would cause more problems anyways.
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    Separating Genders

    What did your wife think?
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    Serious Political and economic discussion thread

    You can’t give it no attention if you’re reliant on instutions that help with your development and growth as an individual, the same instutions that subliminally or straight advocate the use of negative language or actions that are not causing direct physical harm but stunt personal development...
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    Serious Political and economic discussion thread

    This is not realistic and you’re implying direct harm as some sort of objective parameter in terms of physical harm when language that is prejudice, racist, homophobic, etc. can incite people to justify the use of physical harm. This view point isn’t the real world we live in.
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    It’s flawed but I don’t think the extremes are large between the forms where that should boost their viability. If you think one is better than the other in the metagame rank them accordingly. We did the same with charx and chary in XY, where zardx hindered the viability of chary despite the...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    Because it’s the same concept as chary and charx in XY. You rank them based on how good they are in practice as their own entity and common archetypes around them, not the assumption that the viability of one makes the mystery of the other more threatening.
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    Serious Political and economic discussion thread

    Yeah Robert kind of jumped out the window with his aggression on that one. But the actual message your suppose to take from it is still valid. The idea of abstinence is also taboo and I hate justifying an opinionated moral belief that should be distilled into a specific racial group when so many...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Sets Viability Ranking Thread

    Blacephalon was an unmon for months and look how that turned out :blobshrug: