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  • Greninja sent. Enjoy your new Pokémon.!
    Thank you! Been trying to collect one of these with HP Fire for ages, much appreciated :)
    Since I have so many extra I can give you what you want. Follow me, happy hour etc. Let me know when you can trade
    Wow, thank you! Do you just want fodder in return?

    IGN: Ames
    FC is: 4571 1084 1365

    Will be available for another 6 hours or so, otherwise hopefully catch you tomorrow!
    Do you still need that rare kitchen? I'm available for the next few hours if you can.
    Hey mate! That'd be great, available still?
    Yes, I'll be online in a couple of minutes
    All right, I'll breed that without tutored moves (Drain Punch and Zen Headbutt) and send you the .pkm file then? It's less work for me if you can tutor that Slowpoke. I like the RNG abuse part most. x)
    Hey, there is one thing you should know about your Slowpokes moveset
    "Belly Drum, Trick Room, Drain Punch and Zen Headbutt"

    One I put in bold is BW2 Tutor move. I'm going to get my japanese BW2 game on Monday/Tuesday night so you may have to wait a week or so before I'm done with this project. Is that okay with you?
    Thanks, I'm always happy to help. I really enjoy to RNG Abuse and for me it's much more fun than metagame. So don't worry about giving me something in return. Your slowpoke sounds a nice challenge so I accept it. What about IVs? Do you want certain Hidden Power or as flawless as possible?
    It's shiny, and in a regular Poke Ball. I still have it available in Gen 4 also.

    It's IVs are 31/31/31/30/31/31 (HP Electric 70)
    If you would stop insisting the Mild Kingdra be in a Moon Ball, I could help you. :P
    It is fine if it has HP Fire instead of Ice, but I can't RNG. The best I can offer is a good XD Dragonite.
    I don't know where you can get completed save files, sorry. I do know where you can get some roms though. I'll pm you some links.
    Ok cool. uh... I would prefer that you at least join the box group and make a topic there to list your pokemon before we trade though... Do you already have the Shaymin? If not please make sure to catch it in Platinum as you cannot legally obtain it in D/P aside from wondercard IIRC (plus in D/P it doesn't get the Fateful Encounter flag).
    Oh ok. Well I'll think about what I want later since I have to go now.
    If that shiny Modest Mew is flawless/near flawless may I ask who you got it from? Just curious.
    Well I would prefer that you have a trade thread or at least a thread in this group (it's for work-in-progress stuff if you don't want to make an entire trade thread). But I'd like some 5th gen stuff since I don't like doing 5th gen RNGing.
    Do you have a trade thread? I have a 31/31/31/21/31/31 Adamant Metagross that I RNG'd in Emerald a while back. Still on Emerald because of the Cloning glitch.
    Your welcome.

    My time zone is GMT -5. He usually is around between 8-11pm, my time. So, probably 4-5 hours from now he'll be around.
    Save/ROMs...Try asking a user here named Shawk. He may be able to help you out. He's cool, and easy to deal with.
    No prob, and since I'm in Gen 4 now I may do a HP fire gastly so it can get pain split :)
    Also, I'm currently updating the thread.
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