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  • i still haven't received the zekrom from your giveaway.could you vm me when you can trade?

    edit: i am not interested anymore....
    I think using the sweet scent to find a pokemon from the wild advances the frame by 2 or 3.
    Okay. The first thing you need to do is put a seed in the rng reporter, right click a frame on the list at time until the pop up shows the encounter number 9 right beside the phrase "Grass/Cave". If it doesn't, right click the next frame until you find it. :)
    Patience, my friend. Patience. I'm very busy with school right now. So can you wait until tomorrow.
    You could just make a friend request with me here on smogon too. :)

    Yes, I would be glad to help you learn how to rng abuse wild pokemon with encounter slots. I'll help you, but I'm kinda busy with school now. So I'll help you on Thursday or friday, okay?
    Sorry, I was busy, and forgot to click anything.. I'll remember to pay more attention next time I'm trading to someone.
    Hey, I won a Zekrom in your giveaway recently, but couldnt obtain it till now since I finally got my 3DS! So, if you still want to give me it, that'd be great!

    My friend code is 3954-6977-4143, and I should be available between now and the next 10-12 hours.
    I don't answer 4th gen questions. It cuts into my time for updating RNG Reporter.

    Try asking "how do I use a two-stage timer" instead. There is a guide on the first page that shows you how to find your delay for ID\SIDs.
    No I am interested, I can't trade on my white to your hg/ss. All of my 4th gen pokes are on my white, just pokeshifted them all today :(
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