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  • just to let you know dude, the round is going to end pretty soon. If you want to get more out of your tutoring, you should contact me soon?
    well I'll be looking forward to them, please send me some soon, and hopefully we can talk on PO again soon.
    hey dude, needed to tell you that this weekend I'm kinda tied up-- a "special" friend coming to stay with me for the weekend; not too keen yet on letting her know I'm such a Poke nerd yet. Anyway, keep using the team, adjust it if you get any ideas, save the logs, and put what we've discussed into practice-- remember, don't rush yourself in battle! take your time and think the bigger picture through.
    k, so we're officially tutor and tutee now-- first thing I g2 ask is if you are hooked up with IRC yet
    Hey dude, do you think we end up on at the same time a lot? I do believe I see you in PO chat fairly often. As long as our active times match up enough, I'd be happy to be your tutor if you'll have me ;)
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