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  • Hello Arcticuno. Not rushing you or anything, but when will Bulba be ready? And anything you want in my thread at the moment?
    I saw it, thanks. I think the Brine/Water Spout combo is interesting and I haven't seen it before. Think it'd be really fun to use on something even bulkier than Tortle, since it's a minimum Base Power 77 STAB attack (at 51% HP).
    ^^ Haha it happens.

    Thanks for taking up the offer. Is there anything in my thread that you'd like now?
    Hey, yes, it actually is extremely effective. I used it on my UU team back on Shoddy 1, and it got to 5th on the UU leaderboard. If you can do it, you will get 4 / 6 credits for non-shiny / shiny. Thank you so much!

    And by the way, Power Whip has no recoil. Its a 120 base power move with 85 accuracy.
    Hi there!

    Sorry for the random request, but I was just wondering if you could quickly check my Scyther's IVs. I want to make sure I RNGd it correctly :] If you can't, that's fine.

    Edit: It seems you're offline. Sorry to bother you :D
    Eep! Is that your Shiny Adamant Dugtrio with all those nice egg moves? :P Thanks much ^_^ Dugtrio was a common on my rain dance team a year or so back, haha. I replaced him after a while but, yeah...was pretty awesome at what he did ^^
    Nono, it's fine. Just thought you or I got the wrong FC, ahaha.

    Enjoy the Mew :) And congratulations on your D-Nite :)
    It's really ok :) Don't worry about it - just tell me when you can trade :)
    Not when you're advancing the frames, no. I'm sorry - if there is a way, I don't know of it.
    How I do high delays is this:
    The top right button of the radio advances 14-18, so I keep that range.

    I advance it 5 times so max 90 and I find where I"m at using elm calls. Then I repeat.

    Sorries I couldn't help more :(
    Hey someone is trading me the shroomish in a few minutes, thank you for offering that I ev train for you
    Someone else just told me they have it but I don't know what they want, can you give me 15 minutes for me to decide if I will ev train the poke or not
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