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  • Okay meet me at Shoddy Battle's pokemonexperte server in 10 minutes, I'll take you down!
    Because Leaf Storm is very strong, of course!

    Like I said man, you can post your NICE Weavile set; maybe that'll be good enough! ^_^
    You can post whatever you want, that doesn't make the set good! ^_^

    PS. Feel free to post your NICE Weavile set just like you did the Tangrowth one.
    No need to worry. The set you posted is not analysis worthy anyway, so you're off the hook! ^_^
    i didn't move anything - that was done by another mod. in regards to your threads, there's a very specific procedure that needs to be followed. you first have to get your set approved by a moderator of the subforum (i highly doubt either of the sets you have posted would be approved, though), and then you post it in a skeleton format. you can find more information about this in the stickies and announcements of the c&c section. if you have any further questions that aren't answered in those threads / announcements, feel free to ask.
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