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  • Hey, your Dratini analysis hasn't been updated in a while, and I'd like to take it over. Would this be alright with you?
    I'm taking over most of the RU analyses :) if you want something to do, you could look into NU Pokemon analyses.
    Well someone already asked me (although I forget who cause I cleared my inbox), but yea if they don't work on it feel free to do it yourself. I'd check with Oglemi or someone else first though.
    Hey there, I'll complete my GP check on Shelgon once you finish changes suggested by Honko. Be sure to edit anything in the set comments or additional comments related to the ability change, I haven't had chance to fully read it yet. I would've finished it last night, but I had a strange power outage here.
    Also, as the OP, you are not obligated to make every change, especially when it is by an amateur checker, j/s. Even with an official checker you don't, but it's generally a good idea to include all of the official checker's changes, unless it's an obvious mistake
    Hey there, could you post in the GP Queue thread when you write an analysis, it makes things easier to keep track of. Only mentioning it because of Vanilluxe :)
    Yeah, go ahead. I'll post in the RU reservations, but you post there too to confirm.

    actually, you've just taken up Shelgon, so you technically would be over the allowed limit with Rampardos. I'd ask Oglemi first if you can have 3 Pokemon in QC.
    Hi. For your Vanilluxe analysis, I just want to say that the move is actually spelled Autotomize. Hope it's no bother.
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