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  • @ lv 90 hp=244 atk= 225 def= 268 satk=131 sdef=135 spd=243
    so its..
    hp=24 atk=22 def=26 satk=13 sdef=13 spd=24
    i'm only looking to trade for another shiny..
    I have a shiny gliscor lvl 90 naive impetuous and silly.. full ivs in attack, defense and speed (calculated through the web). Its speed will reach a maximum of 313. I want to trade for a shiny pinsir or murkrow (preferable adamant or jolly nature). I randomly ran into a shiny pinsir and wasn't able to catch it which made me want one bad. please message me and if serious. ill send you my friend code and what time i will be able to trade.
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