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  • Sure, #smogonwifi channel, right? (what time will you be on?)
    Yup, we can open one up here (in the near future my lil' bro and me will open one up on BMGF or we can have our shop on BMGF too :D)
    Alright, sweet :D
    Nope haven't learned yet (though a friend of mine told me the basic steps). It would be cool if you teach me B)
    You mean open a Shop together? That would be..... awesome :D
    We gotta plan B)

    Me and my lil' bro were talking about opening one on BMGF. Once he starts to RNG, mind if he joins us?
    Oh, yeah, I've already PM'd them about a trade, lol. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

    I really want them to release more DW Females... I want a Technician Breloom ;_;

    Once DW Ditto is released, anything that is Male-only DW (starters, eeveelutions, etc) we should be able to breed Females of--since Ditto classes as the Female when breeding and will have a DW ability. I think that's how it would work, anyway. I hope they do it soon.
    DW Females, really. I've picked up nearly all the useful/usable ones so far, so it's just a matter of getting the parents now. I've also got my Cobalion on my White game to RNG, but I haven't found a HP Ice Shiny spread for it, yet. :/

    How about you? :P
    Oh, right. I thought I was forgetting something else I said I'd trade you. I'll just find some decent fodder. That Drilbur was one I RNG'd to use as the Female parent so I could do one with egg moves. ;P

    Thanks for these! :D
    What am I trading you for the HP Fire Ditto (I forgot about the Elekid D:)

    Nope. I've got a Vaporeon waiting for me, but I cba getting it lol ;P
    Oh, my. It is very slow and everything is from January O_- I think I'll just wait until it's back up tomorrow.

    You changed your FC again :O I'll head in as soon as I re-add you. It was the Shroomish for the Ditto, yes? Also, did you see the VM I left you on BMGf yesterday? Do you happen to have 31/31/31/31/31/0 Quiet/Sassy/Brave Dittos? As long as the speed is 0 and they have one or two 31s they would be sufficient enough, though. :]
    Yeah, so just like a sprite, then. I didn't know whether I had to do anything different with banners, since I've never had one before :O
    Shiny egg :3 Storm Drain is its DW Ability, too.

    That's pretty cool, well done. If it didn't have Recover it would have been a disappointment ;)
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