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    eye don't get it
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    Dad jokes

    Kid: I'm tired! Dad: Hi, tired. I'm Dad! XD
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    every post is the exact same joke I'm going to the store, anyone want anything?

    one 24 pack of chicken mcnuggets with rick and morty™ szechuan sauce on the side please
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    i had no idea you spoke dutch

    i had no idea you spoke dutch
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    Meme Thread Mk. 2

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    Pet Peeves Thread

    People who ask me if I am left-handed when I am visibly writing with my left hand.
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    Candy corn

    we don't have that here but anything with the words "candy" and "corn" together sounds disgusting
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    I’m still a gamer

    "wait, martin's still a gamer?" "always has been..."
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    pinkmoth appreciation thread

    roze nachtvlinder
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    scheduling with americans

    as someone who has scheduled in both australian and european timezones i cannot tell you how much better it was to schedule in europe. much less waking up at 6 or 7am or staying awake until ridiculous times. GMT +10 is a living nightmare
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    [under construction] nobody post in this thread

    hi i'm the CEO unfortunately there has been a structural failure in zone D of the building site. please make sure you are wearing PPE at all times and do not go near it until it is deemed safe to do so
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    Bootleg Bazaar

    legend has it that a dispute over koala mario is why super mario galaxy 3 has never materialised despite the success of the series as a whole
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    Explain how the poster above you got their username (but wrong)

    When this user was younger, they had a contest with their friends to see who could catch the strongest Excadrill in one of the Gen V games. Unfortunately for them, they only managed to catch the third strongest Excadrill. This resonated with them so much that when they decided to make a Smogon...
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    itt irl reddit moments

    One day I was in a café when a man dropped some change. Seeing that he hadn't realised what had transpired, I picked it up and alerted him of this happening with the intention of giving it back to him. I don't know what came over me, but as I did this I said, "Reddit Gold for you, sir". He...