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  • I have an egg that needs hatched by you. I saw your SV was 3868. If you could do that, it would be fantastic.
    No, sorry I don't. I'm hosting a giant Pokemon there in a couple weeks. You can find the thread in the in person tournament section.
    Not yet. I lived in Iowa for 10 years, then I moved to India. I'm in 10th grade now
    dses. we played on pbr a bit last time but there's no transferring involved; you can like find it on your ds in the start menu.
    this thursday at 8 in the chambers building. the meeting is also thursday so they'll probably just do it there. meeting is in 101 chambers and also they're every week now.
    lol humans vs zombies yeah they said that i love watching those dudes play i think it's funny
    ok well turns out there's some game that people play that starts this weekend and they don't want to have club meetings during the game so instead of next thursday the next meeting is this thursday, 7 oct. see you there?
    you should get on that man. well ok maybe not it's a gigantic time waster. but it's nice to be able to keep up with the events and such. how did you find out about saturday?
    yeah it's not until next thursday though. you should join the facebook group if you haven't yet.
    of course! it was super close i thought i was gonna lose for sure his honchkrow had heat wave so i was like "lol special honchkrow get some tyranitar" but then it used superpower. so i exploded on it with zong and brought in breloom against his houndoom. my breloom outsped somehow so i spored and set up and won it was super tense. undefeated in gym battles though it was a good day even if i only got around to half of them.
    Hi! Do I know you from somewhere? Or did you just want to add me to view my profile?
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