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  • Well, some people sleep, do stuff for school or other important things in life you know. So that would make 14 hours not in front of a computer very plausible.
    And yes, it's 8 days now, but the 29th (the first time I messaged you) is already 4 days ago.

    but never mind.
    I message me? What do you mean? And the thread was opened the 24th of April, not that long ago?
    The Forum has been offline for a while man.. It's not such a big effort is it?

    And by the way: over for a while..? Only 5 days.. and yesterday when I vm'ed you only 4 days.
    Hi, you're my distiributor for the GA of imapedarsag. Can you please send it when you have time? :)
    I saw that - it was so good I thought you'd RNGed it.

    Would you be willing to wait to this weekend - I could give them to you on credit then? Or do you need them ASAP to do VGC training?
    lol i needed your Jirachi but its attacks and nature are COMPLETELY useless to each other xD
    re: Your CMT - I don't see anything right now. I don't suppose you could do a BP or CP for me?
    SMR2010 Jirachi LV 5 @ Timid (UT)
    Serene Grace
    EVs: 0/0/0/0/0/0
    IVs: 31/31/31/9/31/31
    Moves: Iron Head, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
    [OT: SMR2010]

    Finally got it over with - enjoy the poke's. All but my Cresselia are fully-redis. My Cresselia is semi-redis. And I'm the OT of that Jirachi, as a reminder.
    Ready to do the trade? Normally, you wanted Duskull, Yanma, and Larvesta. I'll also throw in the Litwick, Jirachi, and my own shiny bold Cresselia to make up for the wait.
    Not all. Mine still remains missing. My new one as well as my old one. Even if you click the link to my (missing) trade thread in my sig, it won't get you anywhere.

    There's plenty out there who are still missing their trade threads.

    EDIT: Shifted the poke's.

    EDIT 2: I use this FC: 3611-1509-7907
    Well, I tried to reach you last week (or 2), but due to Smogon maintenance, I couldn't really do much. Not only that, I currently don't have a trade thread (due to the purge).

    But yeah, hopefully...we can get this trade over with.
    That's alright, I'll update the pending trades section with your new wants. Keep in mind I'll have to Pokeshift 3 of them so the trade will have to wait a bit (I also have a test this wednesday, which makes things worse).

    If its ok with you, I'd like the same four Pokemon as before. Deal?
    Hey mate, we had a pending trade:

    Poison Heal Gliscor, Drought Ninetales, Conkeldurr, Infernape
    Fenix's Larvitar, Xelite's Lilligant, Sudo's Cresselia, Bond's DW Blaziken

    If you're still interested in those lemme know; otherwise we can arrange a new trade with the pokes your asked. If you still want those, we can always trade more for the others you asked. Thanks!
    Hey, about our trade, would it be ok if I send you the Duskull and the Yanma in .pkm format? Unless you want to trade from our 4th gen carts...

    We can do the normal 5th gen trade for that Larvesta...since sending it to you in .pkm is kinda pointless for this part.
    Hey, we need to battle for the VGC 11 Tournament. Let me know when you're ready.
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