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    Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

    You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

    Flash Games for Teenagers
    Games for Kids
    Arcade games
    Adventure games
    Casino games
    It's okay for YOU to post hahahahahahah

    read the white below :3
    Ah, that's ok. You got to go to Worlds! Even though you didn't come out on top, I'm sure it was a pretty cool ride. I'm already thinking about which stops I want to hit up next year. @_@ assuming some of them are the same. I'll be at Worlds for sure though, since San Fran is rather easy for me to get to.

    I better see you at at least one stop, bro.

    Just a quick note to congratulate you on a fine VGC season... from regionals all the way to Hawaii, real inspiring stuff that. I read up on your thoughts regarding the VGC on the SB site, and hope that you'll take a much deserved rest before starting up again next season. I understand what a grind it can be.

    Here's to seeing you again in Seattle next year...
    lol i just checked my smogon right now haha, and the guy with sheinja+scarf meta was actually nagano i believe, and he got top 4 at his reg so idk if he is going to be at worlds, but in any event his strategy was quite interesting.

    I think i got confused cuz in the comments someone was like "oh you would think tsuji would learn after worlds to make his teams less shedinja weak" cuz nagano wins cuz of sheddy. prob some nob who didnt know what he was talking about
    just zelby, she was a feisty one
    girl made me CRAZY
    lol so what you been up to?
    btw good job on the VGC's i've been keeping up with you and mattj on em
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