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  • Well, I don't see how it matters since you've won xD
    And yes, we tease cuz we love u. :p
    Hey how can I spread the word about my Christmas thread. Oh and the prize for beating 4/6 of my team is rewarded with one of them item and all. Coll right? But how to spread the word.
    So, I won once, Immortal lost once and you won once right? That's tied out of three right now?
    It was still an amazingly close game. If Hydro Pump had missed AGAIN, I would have died. That was the closest game I've had in awhile. I might get in to triple battles. That was my first, and you're right. I did enjoy it.
    im sorry man lol... you and your togekiss deserve some hax karma.. good luck in the second one, i figured you would win anyway, shows how much i know about triples
    Hey BA! I don't have a Triple Team, so I'll have to use a singles team. Prolly won't be able to pull out a win, but, I'm ready to battle over WiFi whenever you are ^_^
    oh is he off now? ill send him a pm to make sure he knows, if he doesnt battle you just leave the results as they are
    Bout that headache try tea with sliced ginger age bottom. Careful. Feels like throat is burning when taken. But good herbal alternative to tylenol.
    yeah thats true, i like the idea of making it an option for when groups start getting bigger, anyway i told toxic you agreed to a best 2 outta 3 and he is on right now so good luck to both of you!
    actually that sounds really good (maybe we could even do that for all the battles and you can use different team members for each battle if you want) ill let toxic know, anyway that will sound pretty cool when people read if. we had a best two out of three and whoever won as opposed to nobody battled the first match and then wifi cut out. when people read the thread it will actually look successful and then hopefully more people will get into it. hosnestly thats how it works for games, tournaments and groups, people sign up and if it works then stick with it and if it looks lame it just kinda dissapears so lets try to make it look good! you guys are up 1-0
    I really want to get better, but I cant get don or axelia Cuz they do po and I'm a student, not to mention I'm the schools student prez so I hag meetings basically everyday. Anyway enjoys ur family, wat u get for hour kids, not to be weird just. Curiostiy lol
    Loo I still have the team you gave me. And lol my suckiness betrays me. Ive lost like 80000 time and won 4 times. Probably told you already.
    i mean you can but idk if its good to start out with a default win and a dc win, i feel like people buy in if things actually work, like too many of these these games fold because of forfeits and stuff. If we get it off to a good start more people will take it seriously and want to join, besides you are good at triples too. all of these games are cool ideas but its hard to get people to actually play. anyway thats just my take
    hey toxic is on, i have to go soon so i battled you so we wouldnt go five in the hole but since it cut out would you mind battling him? technically our time isnt up yet, i just wasnt sure if he would make it on, so i took the battle to cut our losses, anyway its totally up to you, if you wanna take the points its cool
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