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  • the fact that it can't take a hit like normal clefable sets. It's not hard to get it in on something like milotic or registeel, but it doesn't like to take a hit from pretty much any other sweeper, and if your opponent (for example) predicts grass knot on a milotic and brings in LO arcanine, it's forced out. but yeah it's pretty hard to wall with an individual pokemon. SpD arcanine can kind of manage using intimidate, but LO DE still hurts. Magcargo happens to be the best though.
    Yeah I hear that. Turns out asking for evidence can get your head chewed off sometimes >_<
    heh, i'll take that as a compliment :P

    i actually just read your warstory for the first time, and it's pretty good! solid battle and it's a shame that uu ladders are kind of dead now...
    Knowing when to stop is pretty critical. Rushing headfirst into things after a frustrating loss will more often than not cause you to lose more points than to regain the lost points.
    Hmm, I've been thinking about how to go doing this. Do you want to make a separate Copywriting thread (when my thread gets 2 QC stamps) for the Pure Baton Pass set or do you want me to directly copy/paste your writing into my analysis?
    Hi. Letting you know that your Absol (Attacking Lead) analysis has been approved. Sorry if it's like pestering you if you already knew.
    Well in case you didn't notice, my name does not read Zdrup, it reads Stone_Cold22, and I am MUCH busier then Zdrup, I am on call 24/7 even on sundays (I work in prosthetics and sometimes I have to go into work on weekends), ergo I can't make up a time, however I constantly have aim/msn on, whether im on my cell or internet, whcih means that contacting you and getting the match done is no problem.

    By the way, you live in australia, im not gonna come and rape you dude lol, I just wanna get this match done and it's the most convenient way.
    That's stupid not to give them out, as it's the most convenient way to contact someone, the problem with setting a time on this site is, you have to constantly refresh, I don't wanna refresh waiting for a reply, atleast with MSN/AIM you can just message me as im almost always online.

    Like I said delete me afterwards, i'll try my best to be online, but you gotta cooperate here dude.

    Id love to actually do this match
    Ima be out of town thurs - saturday :( Just give me the messaging name in PM, if you want after we do our battle you can delete me, it's just much more convenient because I am constantly on it.
    Evening works great for me. I am pretty much on whenever, do you have aim or msn? That way if you're on I can just send you a message.
    Well that unfortunately limits it a bit, because not much can switch into Yama comfortably besides Poison-types. <_< I agree with Flare that Heracross is your best bet.
    ...Heracross? Really only has to worry about Guts Stone Edge, while your CB Close Combat will KO all offensive Hariyama. That's the only thing I can think of.
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