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  • Hey Banedon! I just wanted to welcome you to TRC! I hope you become one of our more active members. If you have any suggestion or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of or Neyo. Take care, Lux
    I've used Bulk Up SpD defensive Hariyama before...but it was waaayyy different. It was SubPunch Bulk Up. <___<

    It kicked ass though. ;_;
    Five days in fact, could have been done in four if I wasn't lazy. The problem is that there are quite a few errors. You could help greatly by ironing out the kinks! I'm posting a thread about it in C&C now
    Actually we're on the final stretch now, and co-ordinating between three people would be difficult. Also that you probably wouldn't understand some of our terms that we invented for ourselves.

    Thanks for offering though!
    lol, I know, I was completely weirded out when I saw the reprint and was like "wait, they nerfed it"...then went back and saw that it was actually always this way.
    Instead of DS Uxie, perhaps you could try Block-Yawn-Memento Gastrodon. It's not as reliable a utility, but I think it serves your specific purpose more consistently, and it's not like you have multiple setup sweepers waiting in the wings for screens. I would have used it back in the day, if Gastrodon had such options then.

    As for Linoone itself, I strongly suggest Return over Shadow Claw for the reasons mentioned in the analysis. Unfortunately Scarf Rotom and priority Tomb are both very popular now; back in the day it was all defensive Rotoms and CM Tombs.

    One last thing; think about getting an Encore user. Especially one that'll draw Ghost attacks. The Kabutops and Swellow lures are both fine choices, I think I had both on my old team at one point. Sorry for writing an essay about it.
    The reasons I used Trapinch over Magneton: Beat Steelix (who was much more common then) more easily. With Mag you could get Roared out on the Sub/Rise or EQ'd on the attack. Beat most Registeel, which Mag cannot claim. Eliminated weakened Spiritomb (you could even EV Trapinch to outspeed). Pinchy also set up on choiced/encored Electric attacks, T-waves, Sleep Powders, etc and got a free sub+kill. I'd personally go with Dugtrio over Magneton on your team for those reasons, although it kind of sucks vs Tomb. It would alleviate your Regi problems somewhat. Oh, and it sets up on the scarf Rotom you mentioned and can Pursuit it if you want to specialize like that.

    What kind of Venusaur? I suggest some kind of sleep-seeder, since you need all the support and endgame entrenchment you can get. Of course that would mess up Yawn if you have it.
    Yea, that's what I meant. Considering that article was written specifically for EX-on, but I still think that considering what it's worth and what it can do, it's definitely up there. Similarly to Neo Cleffa, it can fit into essentially any deck without any negatice side effeccts.
    Degree in Geological Sciences. Currently working as an IT Technician. Would have done a degree in physics but I never understood calculus.
    Well with everyone being ban happy and wanting to rid of Venusaur, Milotic, and Rhyperior we will all be fucked up next round, so you have nothing to worry about. xD
    I'm actually using a TrickScarf Slowbro currently. I get some hilarious reactions. xD

    You should watch some battles, I don't really see why it would be that difficult to make a good team. Most of my teams have high win ratios and I make them in like 5 minutes lol.

    And I have a feeling you might be the "battle spectator" user who creeps all my matches, are you? =p
    Maybe it's cause you're playing to win. I personally never had this problem, but than again I'm known as a "gimmick"

    You should stick around...the game can be really fun if you let it be. =p
    Getting to #1 on Leaderboard doesn't prove I'm better or worse than anyone, it's just an accomplishment that means I have a somewhat consistent win record and time to ladder; but by no means makes me better than the guy on #2, #3 or #50.
    I'd have written more, but there's a 1000 characters limit. I do think you got the point, though.
    The Moltres situation: Trust me, it mattered (if you really insist, it involved Blastoise, smart switching, my own Moltres and the fact you had Solarbeam and needed sun to be up. And this did not happen yesterday, but a long time ago). To me it seems you brought this up only to try to express your superiority and flame me for not saying "gg" when someone outplays me, even though this wasn't the case.

    The overall post: Again, I don't really see the point of this. I'm not perfect, I'm not the best sportsman, but never have I said to be so; and found your post to be completely unnecessary and rude (not that it would matter if it had been a PM or a VM, I won't delete anything and whoever wants to read this feel free to do so). Second, if you're pissed at me because of the way I put my own arguments up on the forums, that I don't say gg everytime I'm haxed or that I don't make the world a better place to live on and spread the love with ponies and rainbows there's nothing I can do, really
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