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  • Ok first, I'm not really sure why you VMed me with this; but on the forums I'm not getting haxed for the 50th time in a row/ having to deal with crappy connection (if that's what you mean, and I'm pretty sure you're talking about my ranting surges I'm well aware and don't need to be reminded of). If your post was by no means offensive I apologize, but if it was I found it to be completely unneeded.
    No man, its totally alright to voice your opinion, actually im flattered you readed it completely to know what was going on with the game and what could happen.

    Just felt the need to answer to your comment, no comments should be left without answering.
    Regarding the "outright win" part of your thread, well of course he may have won if he tricked, but thats the point of a beautiful battle, maybe Syl was in a pressured position where he couldnt completely think the situation as such, as you can say in my other warstory. Had Mizuno saved 1 Stone Edge PP with his Flygon, he probably would have won, but he didnt. Obviously there are some mistakes in battles, as per say, I didnt thunderbolt the gyarados when I should have done it, and believe me the match could have probably been an "outright" win for me after that. Same in other warstories, the point is not "WHOA HE COULD HAVE WON HERE WTF WHY DIDNT HE DO THIS" because even though for some people its "obvious", in the battle, where there are other 10000 factors to take account of, its not so easy to see as it is to see after the warstory is posted with all the comments and thinking.

    Just letting you know.
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