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  • Hey man, been about 6 months since you've been on, and even longer since i've been here, just wanted to say hey and see how you're doing.
    I hope its okay to ask if there is a video going through ID/SID manipulation? I would like to learn it! Thanks to you guys i understand egg abuse okay now, i would just like to try it with a personal ID/SID!
    Okay, I'm aware of the whole IP situation. Sorry about that, but I saw you were online over a half an hour after I sent that second message. And what is twitch chat, what happened? Really, what happened?
    I'm confused. What did I do yesterday? By stream I'm assuming you mean IRC. I was on SPL IRC yesterday but that was it. If your referring to the incident that happened a month ago, I already apologized to Firestorm for that, as well as makiri. So I'm not sure what you mean by "yesterday"
    thanks i was actually taking a break from them for my stationary 5th gen far i got a hasty shiny flawless hp ice virizion and impish shiny flawless hp ice cobalion...going for terrakion then going back to the dogs...i know i will thanks :)

    edit: since im on another forum as well im getting double the help...
    not sure if you remember me but i was the one that posted about the legendary dogs on your heartgold and soulsilver video on youtube...still working on them btw...
    If you are willing to, I would like to have a best 2 out of 3 VGC 2012 game with you. I want some practice for Nats!
    I saw your post in the simple request thread and i have a flawless TW latios if you still need one.
    Ok, could I get a credit then? Might take a bit since I'm cloning Latios but my DS is having problems.
    Not a ton:
    Random IV Kangaskhan (lol)
    Random IV Tentacool
    Random IV Lickitung
    Flawless Modest Vulpix (should be listed in my thread)

    That's the extent of it. I don't do a lot of RNGing except for stuff I immediately need.
    I've got it in both gens, I can trade it with Tailwind either. I assume you want its name uncapped and in 5th Gen instead of 4th Gen?
    Also, re-battle code was used for it, but it comes from a legit enigma stone wondercard in HG.
    hi i everything i know about rng is all thanks to your videos ,so thank you ,could u help me find my sid if i traded u one of my pokemon ,ill rng something in return
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