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  • Blissey. I bred a 31/*/30/*/30/* Impish Natural Cure one on my LeafGreen cart, then tutored Mimic onto it, and then gave it it's moveset via the Mimic glitch on my Soul Silver cart. Legit parents, legit breed, legit moveset, but not an actual PCNY Event "Wish" Bliss (even though it has Wish).

    The rest of my team was 100% legit though.
    GG man. I knew I was beat, but I wanted to have some fun there at the end.
    GL and HF. I am using one, non-hacked, "legal hack" on my team. (Bred a 3rd gen Poke with legit, 3rd gen parents, on a 3rd gen cart, but used the Mimic glitch to get it's legal moveset.)
    yeah dude i know hes not a big uber but i was gonna use tyranitar and i forgot to switch out before the battlelol my bad
    hey man i forgot to switch my garchomp out :( sorry wont happen again in the future.
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