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  • Hey! I've finished what I consider the "final" version of my team. It's doing fantasically on the ladder & I've updated the RMT with the final product. I gotta say this version is looking preeetty good... If you have the time, I'd love for you to swing on by & give your thoughts on it since you were one of the people that's been following it since the very beginning and all.
    Can you help me make a Ground monotype team? It could be a sandstorm team. But it has to have atleast 4 ground types. The last 2 can be any type.
    heeey I updated my team, could you take a look to help me with the final touches? I already bumped, so I can't do it twice in a row,
    apparently Johns worked with it pretty well so hopefully I can put some info about it in the article
    As far as I know there is no "QC" for articles. I think your next step would be to submit it to the GP Queue who will then grammer check it and stuff. You should also probs remove WIP from the title. Btw why did you not use your own sun team as an example of a sun team?
    By an absolute ton of stuff...I assume you mean Dugtrio? You mean the really weak one that's only for trapping and killing Vulpix? That one? I run WoW Sash, completely destroys it and besides it's basically setup fodder for all the Chlorophyllers.

    Zard doesn't have huge durability issues with Specs (which >>>LO anyway) and a spinner (Which sun needs SO badly). And yeah, Sawsbuck is ridiculous. The only problem he faces is the amount of priority in UU that beats him, such as Ice Shard and Mach Punch.
    Uselessness? You make me laugh, sir. While Vulpix can't attack for shit, it gets Will-o-Wisp and Hypnosis so it can help set up. It's really good for setting up Sawsbuck and stuff.

    And the four main sun sweepers in the meta are Victini, Sawsbuck, Victreebell, and Charizard. If you need a reference point, Specs Charizard does upwards of 60% to Chansey with Fire Blast.

    I'm on the fence whether sun is broken or not. I really can't decide. Once Tini goes OU probably not, but in its current stat? Most likely.
    Alright so the team is done. Like done, done. The last changes I made shot me up to the Top 50 of the Ladder in just an hour of playing. The EVs & Durant were exactly what I needed. The RTM's updated & everything now.
    Not sure if you've noticed or not, but I updated the OP with Infernape. Guess I gotta make a UU write-up for Emboar now.

    I also talked about Nidoqueen's situation in the post below yours.
    Alright! Can do, man. Things are looking up for Nido & Nape now that I gave Nape Flare Blitz and Nido Taunt. Finally back to OHKOing Sigilyph & pals with good old Sun-boosted Flare Blitz. I'll let you know in a day or two if they hold up.
    Yeah, that a really good week. Back from college, finally relaxing at home and playing Pokemon. And yeah, if the opponent knows about my Lilligant they'll usually start with a faster Pokemon like Garchomp so sometimes I have to predict that and lead with Ninetales to activate Chlorophyll and have Lilligant take the EQ as she switches in to KO the damned thing.

    There probably won't be a truly final version of this team since the metagame changes with the wind. I'll keep updating the RMT until the thread dies, then just keep making changes until the team is worthy of another thread.
    Honestly, in terms of pure appeal, the current team is probably the best since it's a Sun team with Emboar of all things that ranked high. xD

    The team is completely OU. Snorlax has had Thick Fat since Gen 3. I don't even so much as touch the Dream World tier. Seems like a big waste of time since the move tutors will probably end up making the "it's the future of the metagame" arguement completely invalid.
    Thank, man! That means a lot!
    Last week, when I was finalizing and getting final data for the RTM, I clocked in at #38 (or somewhere in the 30s) in OU.
    But at the moment I'm hovering around 150 and 180. (I've probably hit 200 a few times today) I've been testing some sketchy replacements and sets all this week, things like Destiny Bond + Curse Gengar and Klingklang. (You can laugh at that. I deserve it for thinking it would work.) I also play with the rating cap off so I can play a bigger variety of players, so I can sometimes lose up to 40 points from one battle...

    But if I need to, I can just drop the replacements and grind back up to the top 40 or 50 if you need a screen cap for the article or something.

    And thanks for the feedback. Definitely replacing EB with WoW. I think the most use I got out of Energy Ball was breaking Heatran's Balloon for Snorlax. xD
    Thanks! I've asked macle on IRC to do what we talked but he hasn't replied to me yet. Oh well, I'll ask again later.
    Hey Ben,

    Unforunately Sun is one of those weathers that I haven't yet done exceptionally well at. I have gotten to within top 500 (can't remember where exactly) but I doubt that it would be a good example team when compared to the likes of your Sun team :P. I have to say Sun is a tough nut to crack when facing the likes of Rain and Sandstorm. If I manage to get a Sun team in near the top 100 or see one which I think deserves its place in your analysis I'll give you a shout out, but unfortunately right now I don't. I could help with the analysis and give you ideal Pokemon for Sun teams but with your brain I'm sure you'll cover all the abusers and more than I will.

    EDIT: This team is pretty amazing...
    All of my teams these days just happen to have something that takes on Blissey with ease (I'm gonna have to update my cosmic bodies of gas rmt soon. It has been through some changes), so the fact that she walls Venusaur has never really gotten to me.
    Shiftry isn't strong enough for a specs set if you ask me. For a specs pokemon to not dissapoint, it either needs an already high special attack stat or high base power moves to work with. Shifty has niether one of these. Mixed shiftry is honestly the way to go. I'm not sure how to optimize the EVs though. Back when I ran him, the three attacks I stuck with were HP Fire, Seed Bomb, and Dark Pulse/sucker punch. Dark pulse was only ran out of sheer rage when things that should have been attacking me were not, but sucker punch was an overall more useful attack.

    Unfortunately shiftry is made of paper.
    Yeah, it was a rain team. I did it under the alt, Alphatron - Traitor. It was kind of annoying actually. >_>

    Yeah, subgrowth tangrowth. Shortened to subgrowthgrowth for short. Actually...nevermind that. The only attacks I used were giga drain and Hp fire. The 101 subs allowed me boost past blissey and eventually beat it out. I ran a LO since giga drain helped me recover off most of the damage anyway. This set obviously needs its threats eliminated, so I ran team support.

    Can't remember the speed but I barely ran any. I think it was enough to outrun CB Scizor outside of sun. With sleep powder constantly missing, rock slide only doing enough damage to Volcorona, power whip only hitting Tyranitar (Toed doesn't stay in), etc, this was the most tangrowth ended up doing for me. It was still surprisingly effective.
    Imo nukes offer plenty of support; for instance Victini smashes walls that Venasaur can't get through. Even nukes help the team.
    Zen Headbutt perhaps? Seriously, it's like Darmanitan. Unless you know a Politoed is coming in, click V-Create. It's that simple.
    Even neutral speed Victini has 199 Speed after a V-Create, meaning it outspeeds cool stuff like standard Mixtar. Meaning it can't actually switch in, as it gets 2HKO'd by V-Create. Cool stuff.
    Fusion Bolt isn't programmed into PO yet, so I use Wild Charge in its place. It's really cool-OHKOs most Politoed on the switch that think they're taking a V-Create to the face. I use Adamant, I'm pretty sure it's needed for several KOs.
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