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    if you dont win im gonna come to your house and kick you back to bangladesh or paki or w/e ok
    lol i must admit i did get a kick out of it, but bad bharmalm :|
    well thats hardly any fun .__. theres no challenge in stuff anymore then. dangit. i guess ill have to start using the simulator more.
    im pretty good. going to rice university in the fall. lol, you say you won nationals as if its no big deal, :P silly goose. b/w2 out already? not in america, surely? i thought that came out in october or something, right? oO and yeah i see why you mihgt not play wifi as much. they took away 100 all. i was pissed when i found that out.
    uh, i jsut quit. i dont even remember if there was a specific reason xD. but im done with high school and junk, and my friend and i are getting back into it. i see YOURE still alive and kicking, hahaha. (:
    rofl i have literally 2 months off
    i might try to find a job or something, but i only have like 1 gcse and no one will employ someone for like 2 months tbh 9.9.9.
    oh and btw i am re rnging everything with the ot gree because 7014* kind of sucks 9.9..9.9
    fucking win please
    i should be getting my laptop back from repairs this weekend, so we can start working together properly on a team then if you want
    Yeah, so I've heard. I'm going to give it a try, but Dream World stuff seems hard.
    I don't ever play online, I just got into the whole flawless capture and flawless breeding thing a while back, as you may remember.

    Indeed it has been along time. I wanted to try my hand at fifth gen this time around. I'm doing very well, how about you?
    the time: has passed, it was only open a few days ago !!!!!!

    get a badge duh
    It's gonna be tough. Even if I do manage to beat kok, Matty is so strong and idk if I've ever beaten him before
    no fuck that lol im more pissed off that the country is too busy celebrating such bullshit
    How are you my nigga
    Looking forward to Hawaii?
    You also suck
    -love amphallus
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