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  • Hey, well I'm usually on #rarelyused so just message me when you're ready to battle. I'd rather not battle tomorrow though since I have a test on Thursday, but I can certainly do so if necessary.
    Did I really help you make your best team? :3

    Also I probably won't be able to play until the 23rd which is when I get back from China of that's ok with you? DC will give me an extension cuz I said so xD
    ok bud we're playing for RU open round 3, i'm gmt -7 let's get this shit done
    You're funny I've been waiting on #rarelyused until 3:00 AM GMT+2 (because yeah I can't stay all the night), you have to make efforts to get on at decent hours for me...
    Go ahead and build your teams. I mean we have until the 22nd...I think? but I'm available a lot so that's no issue.
    Yeah I'm not exactly sure what happened, I'll try to get my comp issues sorted out by tomorrow, but if not then you can take the win.
    Yeah friday seems ok, gmt+2
    PST is something like GMT-5/6 I guess so we should play at night my time
    You mean after saturday right? I'm available anytime on monday, I'd prefer to play from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM but I can also play at night, from 9:00 to midnight if I don't have anything scheduled.
    As the user below said, tiering shifts removed most of those Pokemon from RU, with only Porygon-Z, and Durant actually being banned from the tier. As a member of the RU council, feel free to PM me any concerns you may have and I will address them as completely as I can.
    Hey there. I was about to VM Molk until I noticed your lengthy diatribe about the new tiering changes and some kind of rebellion. I don't know who told you RU was banning everything, but Honchkrow and Sharpedo going up was a result of finding enough usage in UU to be used there, not a council decision. We undergo tiering changes every three months according to trends in usage. Check this thread for details:
    I unbanned you on Smogon University. I think it was a technical problem related to the text reversing character.
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