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  • Hey there! :D I saw that you wanted to RNG the Event Mewtwo but you want to do it on an emulator and you can't get it onto the Emulator. Well I am lucky enough to own a R4 and I can get a sav. from you and get the Card and send you the sav. back infront of that guy in the pokecenter :D
    yeah, it has been such a long time! i've been in Sicily working for something like 1 month... and now i'm back! how r u?!
    Is it still possible to get the Sableye nicknamed before receiving from V4Victini? I'm haven't been able to catch him online yet.
    LEts trade now. I need 5 clones back. Its Timid Flawless with 0 Atk, sorry. I may not be abl to make the return trade now though. Got school in a few.
    My game wasn't cooperating with me, but it was mainly me being too busy to get it. Sorry bout that. Enjoy your Eevee.
    And...real sorry about that, but I'd rather not have my stuff tossed around. But yeah, since she already has the ability, nature, and correct IVs, you could just breed your own to trade and distribute.
    Hey, are you free right now?
    Also, I was wondering, could I get a copy back of the Eevee? I can't clone.
    all right well if you decide on who you want, then let me know and i'll do it. whenever you have the druddigon ready notify me. i gotta go to sleep now. thanks again
    Lol idk what that is. i can hatch regular shinies just not perfect shinies cus i never tried it. i just assumed that i had to do the same steps i always take when making a perfect egg except that if i wanted a shiny i had to check the shiny box. i dont like shines that much cus everyone's threads are filled with them so that' why i never bothered to learn, but if you want me to, i can give it a good attempt and figure it out
    I can make PERFECT eggs in 4th gen. i never figured out how to breed/ capture perfect shinies
    i haven't caught ANY legendaries in my 4th gen game either so i can try to figure that out as well if you have something in mind
    yea i saw some of those requests and said to myself, "wait, everyone already has those pokemon in their threads, aw shoot! i got here too late, dang"

    and yea take your time. i really like druddigon even though not many ppl do. i have some other requests but i think i'll try to learn to rng in 5th gen so that i can make em myself. the thing i want the most is a scrappy exploud but it hasnt been released yet
    awesome! wait, you're not lying to me are you? haha

    well yea like i said in my thread, you can have watever you want from it that's there. i wil not redistribute the bp at all
    Nice. I'm gonna do 2 double battles on GBU since I haven't done it in a while.
    Black FC: 1077 0321 0496. I got your fc from your about me. you have time to trade now?
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