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  • Thank you so much for your reply. I look forward to trading with you in a few hours. I was wondering if you do nicknames by any chance? Thanks again :)
    Hi Biosci,
    I had a look at your great thread and was hoping I get a few pokemon for VGC. I've listed the pokemon I would like:

    Shiny Lotad (Modest,Swift Swim) with Astonish,Giga Drain,Rain Dance,Ice Beam

    Shiny Chimchar (Naive,Blaze) with Encore,Thunder Punch,Fire Punch,Fake Out

    Shiny Croagunk (Adamant,Dry Skin) with Astonish,Fake Out,Drain Punch,Protect

    Landorus (Naive,Sand Force) with Rock Slide,Earthquake,Sandstorm,Fissure

    I would be very grateful if you could trade me these pokemon. Thanks for your time :)

    Name: Anis Black FC: 1377 7146 3278
    Actually someone just gave me a possible answer lol. I am using parents from pokecheck, they may be international. . .
    Did that as well, and I found that my timer0 changed again, but still the same problem pidrng doesnt match but IVs do. Its whatever, I am asking the rng help. If they have no answer I may just have to restart my game.
    Hey, I knew you had problems with your timer0 when you first started rnging. Do you have any idea why my ivs would match my seed but my pidrng wouldn't match? In addition every month or two my timer0 changes. . . I not really sure whats going on, but I kind of gave up playing because I couldn't rng anymore and now I am getting the itch to play again, but I don't know how to fix this. :(
    Awesome, can I do the Pokemon for the article, I know a bunch of Pokemon usable in Trick Room

    And what nature are you looking for?
    ok, awesome, and maybe we should use some stuff from the old article

    also, good luck with that :D
    Hey Biosci, if you take over the TR article, mind if i help you co-write it ( I wanted to do it after the Sun article was done, but i don't mind co-writing)
    That's awesome! I know last year's Chairman's Award winner was from Hawaii, and they said they had a sustainability plan which involved making an FRC team in every public high school and college lol. It just might affect you. Thanks for the well wishes!
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