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  • The NPCs in the house don't move, so no, they won't advance your PID. So, the only difficulty is finding which PID frame you land on after the rain/eight seconds outside of the house. Just make sure you mash A a relatively constant rate (usually as fast as your can). Once I settled in on a seed, I wouldn't advance the PID at all the first attempt and then make sure I didn't get off track because of the timer0 by checking the IVs of Tornadus. Then try again and advance the PID by one - then continue this as many times as necessary to figure out where you are landing.
    Ok, cool. I set my IV frame from 1-100 and then my PID frame from like 650-850. That should fetch you a lot of frames that you can try out - and hopefully find one that you can hit.

    And about the amount of Pokemon in your party - ya, that makes things hard. You'll have to only consider the ones that have an IV frame of 1, 6, 11, and so on. That's probably what made my capture so freaking difficult. It puts a huge limit on which frames you can target.
    Ya, I was stupid too and got myself stuck in that house for like 2-3 weeks as I was trying to figure out the process of RNGing Tornadus. (it took 3 days once I figured out what I was doing)
    Okay, that is your problem. Do you have any repels in your bag? You're going to want to raise the IV frame range on this (and repels make keeping up with your steps very easy).
    Oh.. sorry, I decided that I wanted the Pokemon to be bred on 4th gen so that I could put more egg moves on it and have the option of adding those elemental punches through move tutors (allowing me to give it egg moves other than the punches). So, no, I don't need it. Thank you, though. Did we ever finish our trade?

    And, I can't remember how long it took to find the shiny seed that I used, but I know I went through a few others before I was finally able to hit the one I ended up with. Overall, it took about three days to finish the capture. What PID range are you using? And how high are you setting your IV frame range?
    Sry,completely forgot this tournament.
    I´m most of time online on the skarmbliss server,chico or DaFlo.
    Here it is now 5pm.Dunno your time.
    I'll be working in a team set up in the classes I'm taking next semester. It's just basic stuff like working with teams in meetings, researching, and what not.
    Yay. Make sure it's in a Nest Ball XD.

    Also, I get to get some actual real world experience in my field next semester :D
    Ok, I'll use my credit if you catch it shiny :) I'm done with this semester, let the laziness commence
    there was a challenge that involved the contestants grabbing cow hearts and spitting them into a bin from 3000 gallons of cow blood. Now they have to blow up some sort of station with a flare.
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