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    I'm sorry for what I said. It really wasn't necessary for me to say after you sent me a friend request. I lost faith and trust in other people after a few people betrayed me before. But I got over it. Hopefully we can still be friends.
    ...Not really. Your previous team actually had a playable core, which I wanted to try out. Your new team doesn't, as far as the eye can see. Remember my "noob's steps to a bog-standard team"?

    1) decide on a versatile, powerful or defensive pokemon that will do its job well
    2) use or something similar to create a team core of two to four pokemon that have good type coverage between them
    3) decide on the aim of your team based on those pokemon
    4) identify what obvious problems your team will have; both individual threats and general teams/cores
    5) use two or three of your remaining slots to build around your core that will help to combat these problems
    6) find an effective lead that compliments your team well (offensive teams will need an anti-lead or rocker, for example)
    7) then construct your sets based on your team's aims and needs to fulfill that aim
    Hey, just saw your newest thread, and what I posted was true. Band Rampardos ftw!
    Anyway, I'd be more than happy to teach you stuff, though it isn't much, if you want. I haven't got a lot to do over the hols, so it would give me something to do anyway ^_^
    ok, in answer to your question shotgun squirtle. no you cant. and Fantom0, what the actual hell are you on?
    Lol your thread was shut down for being too brief. Dont worry, it happened to me too.
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