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  • Hey birkal, on the Dark Horse Project I laddered with Kingdra and I also updated my Ladder Ranking.
    Lol jw. The OU SQSA has the "USE THIS IF YOU'RE NEW" in the title. Shouldn't it be in the global SQSA now xD haha
    You might also want to make an announcement for dragonuser, Temp V1, and ThePillsburyDoughBoy as Community Contributors.
    hey birkal, I have some things in the OU Hub that I intended to be put in the hub and was wondering whether or not they were going to be. They are History of Bans in BW OU and OU Smogcasts. Just wanted to know what's what, there's been little news on the hub lately.
    i demand that you let zeb do art for the smog.
    good coloring skills.

    it's just that...

    you nominated me for CC after all of the shit i've done. It's just... i dunno, I didn't expect it.

    PS: Also your picture is a lot more fitting than mine haha.
    what do you think the requirements from community contributor for smeargle's studio should be?

    I have a question about the Orange Islands forum. I wanted to do a "Geodude-only" run of all the Pokemon games, and I was wondering if I would be able to make a new topic since it seems like it wouldn't fit anywhere else. I don't go on that forum a lot so I just need to know whether or not I need to get this kind of stuff approved.
    Birkal, I had a question about a possible "project" that I had an idea of. I wasn't sure to post in the ou projects and hub page center, as its not specifically a project, but more of a thread for the ou page. Where could I get opinions on such subject? The ou hub page didn't really seem like the right spot to me, but I know you run that and have more of an idea than I probably do.
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