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  • Well, in your previous msg u scheduled for 7-8pm your time (u also said 9-10pm my time, when it would be 10-11pm, but its fine).

    Here I am, 7pm your time... '.'
    Contact me as soon as u enter. =]
    I'll be on til 9pm your time I GUESS.
    Ok, I'm usually every day online by evening. But as I hav to study and stuff, it would be easier if u stablish an exact time for me to acess. =]
    I finished my team, the problem is I hav 3 exams next week, so it may be hard to find me online. What time are u available tomorrow. I must be on during evening...

    I'm GMT-2 btw. ^^
    Hey I'm running a bit late so I will probably be home around 5pm instead of 4pm. Will be on po grotto
    sweet! I cannot play on showdown so that works. Grotto server on po about 4pm tomorrow it is
    I won't be home today till 10pm est. I will be free to play tomorrow after 4pm. Can't on friday. Weekend I'm good
    hit me up if youre on. i'm ready to battle... let's do it on po if possible. if not showdown, doesnt matter to me
    Hey i see that you're on, want to complete our battle for the mirror tournament? I'm on IRC you can contact me there, and I'll be checking for VMs and PMs on the forum every so often. Contact me when you're done with your team or ready to battle! :)
    hey i'm your opponent for the mirror tourney! I'm on irc a lot so you can contact me there, but we have 10 days so we souhldn't have too big of a problem getting this done
    There's a flood crisis in the state where I live so I may or may not have power tomorrow. Keep coming on and the arranged time and I'll try to meet you but if I'm not on at that time it's probably because my power's been cut. (If possible it'd be great if you can finish the kinks in your teams ASAP cos I dunno how bad it's gonna get). Just a reminder that I may (depending on how the weather works out) be leaving on the 15th for a week so yeah if you could try to be on as much as possible it'd be greatly appreciated.
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