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  • odd... i mean, ther is an intentional one in the battle frontier thingy :P
    i havent gotton a singl shiiny on my emerald though. that the one that counts for the rng
    p.s. on my sapphire game i found two shinys in one day... shiny wurmple and shiny tentacool :D found them within twenty pokes from each other out of the clear blue
    hehe, sure it should. i mean, it the day that makes you feel one year close to death :D
    thankyouuuu!!!!... ahhh, awell... everyday should feel like your birthday :D
    true, all true... MABEY, no. jk. i noticed you didnt have your b-day up at your profile
    hey i was wondering if you have a spare focus sash my friend is looking for one. I can offer a lucky egg, metal coat, magmarizer, shinny stone, dusk stone
    meep, meep, meep... i is a weirdo :3 ...... i turn 15 tomarrow, yayy!!!. that means people wont make fun of me for being to young for skiping a grade... or not, i havent asked them. ther all my friends though, they like poking fun at me :)
    Would you mind going into a battle with me so that I can check the IVs/final stats of some of my Pokemon?
    Oh yeh soz just looking at the previous vm could i get the giveaway ho-oh aswell please?
    thanks the charmanders are for my friends that dont play competive. I was just curious for myself thanks :)
    thanks alot this is my FC: 0389 0967 4339 ill be on very soon :) just going to add your fc
    Hello, could you clone something for me, you can keep a copy of the charmander if you want :) I dont know its iv's though
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