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  • tomorrow i can stay awake all night :D but only if i stay at home that night, we will see..... the day later i can´t but at sunday it could work again, so lets see then
    do you know which time this is in GMT +1, i have problems with the conversion of the times :/
    if you want to play this weekend, i can't do friday and very likely saturday morning. My timezone is EDT (GMT -4).
    hey. i'm your r3 opponent for the vgc '11 tourney. i'm usually on IRC a lot. i've submitted my team so let me know when you'd like to play. :)
    I'm happy with PO if you are (I'd need to install NB, so give me a bit of warning if you want to go that way).
    Hey, sorry I never got back in touch with you about our GSC match. Are you free on Thursday afternoon (about 4 PM)? That will be about 8 AM Friday my time, which would work well. Otherwise sometime in the weekend should be fine.
    hi i am on early let's just go ahead and get this over with meet me on smogon u (as converse) [submitting team as i write this]
    well, let's just schedule a time. can you do it tomorrow? (i'll be in central time gmt-5 tomorrow, but not a huge deal) my classes are over so i can find a way to be free at most any time that works for you.
    this weekend is kind of crazy for me as i have my last couple finals tomorrow and then I'm travelling on saturday. if you can do early afternoon saturday like around 1 or 2 pm EDT then that works for me.
    Hey, when are you free for our GSC tourney match? I'm at +12 GMT, and free for most of the weekend.
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