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  • It usually means that, but because you have actually been hitting delays close to your target delay it could have been that you didn't input them correctly.
    Try adjusting your timer just a bit. Like I said, it's hard at the begining but it just requires practice. Wandering npcs do not affect the coin app, however, they do advance the frames so beware of that.
    Delays are like miliseconds; yea, you need to hit times to the milisecond .-. It's not as bad as it sounds though. After a bit and you'll master it in no time. But yea, when you click continue.
    in hgss you can call elm, the joggler or use the roaming pokemon to check the seed you hit. Seeds and delays always come hand to hand so there you'll see what delay you hit. In dpp you can check your seed using the coin app.
    Sorry to bother you but I just started my White Version 2 do you have a Tepig Axew and a Zorua that i may have Ivs dont matter
    Well, congratulations! We couldn't really find out what caused the problem but good work anyway.
    Hey bud, I'm having the same exact RNG issue that you wrote about in the thread. I keep getting the same pokemon, but with wrong IVs. Did you ever figure it out?
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