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  • Christian held a giveaway. It's fully redistributable. The only way to get it is either attending the movie in person or hacking the wondercard. Christian's fully redistributable one is from a hacked wondercard.
    well damn, it was just last week. just so you know, the d/c was not intentional. i would have d/c'd right when you switched Umbreon in if i was going to do that. i think my router was having issues last night, sorry about that.
    Hey...sorry for not being able to catch you last week. Since finals are coming, I won't be able to trade at the earliest until next weekend or worst...two more weeks :(

    I hope you're ok with that ^^
    Lol, you can have as many credits as iyou like, are you still available to trade?
    Hey there Bosskrow, could you please CMT for Kazo's Shiny Timid Suicune please? I'm one of those who don't want to bump your thread ^^
    Ok, that's fine. Thanks for getting back to me. I was going to have to chose something else because AromaFlora bred one for me. xD
    Hi Bosskrow :D
    Could you CMT for Kazo's Timid Suicune please? I dont want to bump your thread either :x
    If you could PM me or post in my thread if you find anything, thank you.
    Hi Bosskrow, I didn't want to bump your thread to ask you this, so I figured I'd ask you here. I was wondering if you saved the egg of the Adamant Whiscash in your thread. I kinda want it for an in-game team, so I need the egg. >.< If you still have the egg, please CMT for it, I can post this in your thread if you'd like it visable. Thanks! ^_^
    GG: )
    I got lots to learn in NU, such as not using reutrn without maximizing happiness first, lol.
    I remember I won the Suicune in your Giveaway "Happy Kwanza" one month ago.
    Is it still for trade?
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