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  • hey man, i'm your opponent from smogon VGC 2017 tour.
    i'm at GMT -3 and i can play this Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm, monday from 10am to 12 am and wednesday from 10am to 12 am.
    When can you play?
    Hi, my is GMT -3, so it is less 2 hours in your location. I prefer to battle in the weekend, saturday I'll be on Showdown as TangelaVGC since 6pm (which I believe is 4 pm to you). See you.
    Hi! We're paired for Round 1 of the Smogon VGC Tournament! My timezone is AEDT currently (GMT +11). I'm free whenever I'm awake because of school holidays so if you can get back to me with your availability we can work something out :)
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