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  • no worries, i liked it a lot so i thought it would be cool to write about n_n
    hey man, keep an eye out for the next issue of the smog, i think you'll like it!!
    Hey! After A Long Extended Wait,

    My Computer Is Fixed.

    I Have Resumed Control Of "The Hell Razors"

    I Am Planning Big Thing's - Such As
    Pokemon Of The Week, Weekly RMT's,
    Weekly/Monthly Tournament's :)

    Come Drop By And Remember Stay Active!
    Hey dude! You might remember me as the guy that questioned Tornadus-T's effectiveness as a Techniloom counter. XD
    I must ask you about the IV's you posted on the BW2 cores thread, as you made torn-t has 0 Atk IV's and dugtrio's IV's were weird as well. Why not 31 IV's (I repeated this question in the thread)
    I assure you that I don't hate you lol, I'm just wondering XD
    Hey just wanted to say Welcome to the "Hell Razors" if you need any help at all just post on the group page or private message me
    hi, how did you get your RMT "The Drowned World" colored so nicely? is there a site that does it for you or something? :S
    ok, what i found was that running a trick set on deo-d really hampered its ability to set up hazards, so i went with a suicide set a la speed forme. it was alot more reliable in setting up and preventing hazards.

    i changed dnite to a cb set, mainly out of preference, but i found that it was alot more effective than the dd'er thanks to its insane strength, and it helped soften up physical walls so that virizion could sweep.

    gengar was amazing with the hazard support softening up special walls and i cant count the amount of terrakion/conkeldurr it saved my ass against. its speed was its biggest weapon, something that heatran doesnt have.

    other than that, great team, thanks for letting me use it!
    hey i hope you dont mind me testing out your team on ladder, i wanna see how well gengar > heatran does
    Imo, you're one of the best players dppt. Congratulations! I'm Brazilian player!
    Hey Bribery, would you mind to give me the link to the sprites in your RMT? They are pretty coolol.
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