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     The Workshop

    Requester: Broken Phobias For: PU's 3rd Annual Secret Santa Art Direction: I'm looking for an actual banner this year instead of something I can throw together in photoshop like I did last year which can be found here. I'd prefer if it had top tier PU Pokemon like Skuntank, Mesprit, or perhaps...
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    Tournament CAPTT IV: Finals

    you know whats great? Not contributing to my team whatsoever, missing the draft, only playing in one round, and still making it to the finals. :afrostar:
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    Cardgame Thread (guilds of ravnica mechanics spoiled!)

    I'm assuming this is a thread about different card games like Pokémon, Magic the gathering, etc. But up here in Wisconsin we play different kinds of card games. Ones that most often involve a deck of playing cards. Personally one of my favorite card games is Euchre. I played Euchre so much...
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    RGamer's Art Gallery

    Hey just want to say your art looks fantastic mate! Your recolors are absolutely beautiful and I'm a huge fan of the Mew and Mawile edits. Furthermore you banners look fantastic. I might even end up requesting one if I make an RMT.
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    I will draw anything as a velociraptor.

    Can I get a Super Buu Gohan Absorbed Raptor? or do you only do Pokemon ? If you won't do that can I get Uhhh Caterpie? HONK
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    Favorite Room?

    ZU The community is great and is gaining lots of popularity as of late. Furthermore the meta is lots of fun and I enjoy building and playing in room Tours and the Rotational ladder which will be back next month! Health and Fitness I've been around Health and Fitness for awhile now and I gotta...
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    ZU ZeroUsed Resources

    C+----> B- After playing one of BloodAce0107's teams countless times in room tours I decided it was time to build around ,what I found to be, the most threatening Pokemon on the team. Ninjask has put in work in almost ever single game I see it used Correctly in. Thanks to its fantastic speed...
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    drugs thread

    So Basically a ton of people OD on K2 synthetic marijuana in Connecticut and I just what everyone's take on. Heres the article:
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    Tournament OM Snake Draft - Signups

    PS Name: Broken Phobias Tiers Played: ZU Timezone : GMT-6 Significant Time Missed?: No, but college starts soon
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    bruh you literally gave it to me smh

    bruh you literally gave it to me smh
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    hey so this is a plee for help m8. Rotom-Frost is actually Broken in ZU in need you to start...

    hey so this is a plee for help m8. Rotom-Frost is actually Broken in ZU in need you to start using it in PU and use your mass of followers to sway the tier so Frostom gets a ton of usage and rises. Please I beg you m8 you don't even have to give me credit for the team just use Rotom-frost in...
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    ZU ZeroUsed Resources

    I don't think LO should go in OO to be completely honest. In my opinion it should be on the Z-Blizzard set but slashed so it isn't the first choice. Believe it or not but LO Sub Split is one of Rotom-Frost's better sets. Unfortunately it isn't used as much because everyone is just drooling over...
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    Resource PU Matchmaking! (Week 4: Drampa)

    Chip Lord (Weezing) @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Spe Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Sludge Bomb - Toxic Spikes - Pain Split / Will-O-Wisp - Memento Weezing is able to come in on psychically based offensive threats and simply wall them. Furthermore it is able to...
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    Sounds Good M8

    Sounds Good M8