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  • Haverford College in Philly. I'm so pumped.

    Also strangely bad timing as our server just went down rather inexplicably. Of course it did x_x
    It's basically the same thing, just with a new name. At least I don't have to hit the Shift key to get the ampersand anymore X)

    Not many old guys are left. You'd regonize D_A and I. Luke is still here (aka Get Out of My Honey Pot, Ursaring!, Loquacity, Blueberry, Britney Spears, Regina George...etc. hehe) as well though that's mostly it! You should come by though. It's definitely different but it's still a good time.

    I'm really pumped for college. I even discussed competitive Pokemon with some of the students when I went to an overnight visit. lol :x
    I'm doing pretty good and will finally be off to college next year!

    PC has varied a ton and has been anything from outright depressing to pretty awesome. It's mostly good though as much as we complain sometimes. It sure has...changed a lot though. Mostly for the better. S&M doesn't exist anymore though, it's called "Competitive Battling Center" :p
    Not much n_n You?
    I didn't know you were on Smogon I think, do you actually play Pokémon or are you here for the mafia? :O
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