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  • Are you getting on soon? Cause it's getting kinda late here, and I have school tomorrow... Can't promise I'll be around for more than one hour from now.
    Oh, nice. I can't battle today, but tomorrow sounds fine! Keep in mind that I'm GMT+1 :) Looking forward for this!
    you have 2 great teams especialy the first one. Can I have the exportation, please?

    Your second team is great but why do you use Psychic Ceus, he isn't really useful, I think, the ExtremeKiller would be more useful.

    GG for the two games
    I am on my iPod, I can't play now because I have troubles with the connection, sorry

    I will be able to play at 10 AM, not before
    @ Zaon I am in the GMT -6 Time Zone, what Zone are you in ? I will be available around 8 o clock my time tonight (tentatively) what times might be good for you ?
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