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  • are you old enough to talk to whomever you want on the internet now, or does your father still hover over your shoulder?

    edIT: apparently i used that line nearly a year ago, and haven't come up with any new material. so, you're 17 now? junior in high school, or what? what's your favorite subject? have you picked out colleges yet?

    by the way stop making me feel old
    cracked up to be overrated and annoying! bills are no fun. god, you're 16? how time flies… I met you when you were just a wee little lad. are you a MAN now? haha, you should add me on facebook or something! :toast:
    you tell me! are you still a young boy whose father won't let him chat with internet people? Haha, I'm living in Georgia and being an adult or something. how about you?
    Hey, are you doing still doing this? If not I can just quickly finish it up. Or I can post a C/P able version of it. LMK
    ah, helping out with little cup I see. I've been good. my team recently won wcop and school's been good. how's the spriting going?
    Okay, since you have some Little Cup analyses, I'm here to tell you that the newest round of voting has ended, and Gligar, Misdreavus, Carvanha, and Meditite have been banned. Update your threads to take out any references of these and soon I or someone on QC will go through and note on some threads which need major changes.
    No. I'll get the GP members to GP it and then I'll edit the OP and edit it to ensure the GP checks are incorporated.
    I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you want to you can go ahead and do it yourself. All I'll be doing is formalizing your bullet points into proper sentences, checking some minor stuff and basically finishing it off.
    Hey can I take-over your Karrablast analysis? I'll just push it through GP.
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