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  • hello, just wondering if you could hatch a pokemon for me, please, thank you!
    Hello There Operative,

    I am Artemus Moniz, Commander of the Smogon Secret Intelligence Service (SSIS). I am here to let you know that your activity level within our group is very minimal. We would love for you to become active within our agency again. We have many positions you can choose from such as Intel Agents if you like spying or Military Officers if you like battling. If you are really good at battling you can join the SSIS Elite Battle Team. Please, check into the SSIS and see what's new.

    Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    Ahem... School started so that means! No more Smogon until Winter break which starts in early December! =(
    Okay, since you have some Little Cup analyses, I'm here to tell you that the newest round of voting has ended, and Gligar, Misdreavus, Carvanha, and Meditite have been banned. Update your threads to take out any references of these and soon I or someone on QC will go through and note on some threads which need major changes.
    Message to everyone: I will be inactive for awhile. I'm not leaving Smogon though. All the work that I have reserved are my responsibility and I will type them up soon so don't ask me to takeover any of the work I reserved. I'll be gone for a week or more. I'll still be checking on Smogon everyday I just won't be typing any analysis right now. The reason why I'll be inactive for awhile is because I will be travelling a lot.

    That is my message.

    hey, sorry but I talked to the Little Cup staff and we thought you weren't ready to tutor yet. Don't worry though, gain more experience and we'll reconsider you.

    For now your assignment is to help the recruiting process. For every possible recruit you report to me you will receive a merit, that means if you find 5 suitable recruits you will move up a rank. Remember, before you send an invitation to the possible recruit report them to me first. This is your mission. Your assignment will end on the 4th of July so find as many good recruits as you can within that time frame.

    -Cmdr. D'Moniz (SSIS)
    Hey man, thank you so much for the help on my team. What you said about Mienshao, Scrifty and Machamp being other options, I completely agree. I might change to Mienshao, but I wanted your opinion before anything. I can see scrifty being a bulky attacker, so I may save that for another team that needs that, and Machamp would be a fantastic lead IMO. I might keep Conkeldurr though, because I could see Mienshao as an Anti Lead to be honest, gimme your feedback though you really know what your talking about.
    i cant do it now because were having wcop tryouts for starting spots and my parents are having a party so i keep on having to help, so i dont want anything to interrupt our session. Whats another good time for you?
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