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  • Hey, yeah sorry I'm kind of upstairs at the moment. Should I use your Plat FC? I'll be on Heartgold. You don't have to send me anything at the moment, fodder is fine.
    Alright. I'm going to work on the Chansey now, so I'll definitely have it done tomorrow morning (more accurately, within the next 45 minutes). Fortunately I do have parents ready to go, I have a Male Roserade with Aromatherapy I was using for some other BP ^__^
    Alright. I'll be around tomorrow until about mid-day, but I won't be back until Sunday night. I'll get to that Chansey soon, so it should be ready by the time you can trade. Let me know when you might be able to get it.
    Hey...working on a few other things at the moment, but I have the rest of the evening free so I can do that Chansey for you. Shiny or non?
    i don't need more charge but like I said other time I need to go outside to get good signal, and its raining (i hooped in the window for this last trade xD) so can we do this later? sorry but my wifi connection is complicated xP
    my battery is dying and I cant find my motherfucking charger =| I'll vm you when I'm online again, it may take a while until I find it.
    no problem with the vms, they are here to be used xD and yeah I can trade now. if I remember correctly I already have your FC so I'm going to get online on my Platinum.
    its 3am here now and for me to get a decent connection I have to go outside so can we do this another time ? :)
    Fair play, you have got a hail team after all :p.

    Cool stuff, I'd be up for giving you a PO battle sometime if you are, let me know.
    Yeah, Seismic Toss is a bitch to get on pokemon, I was gutted that I can't get it on my Registeel :(.
    Aha yeah.

    I've got a gen V sun team, and a dual screens gen IV UU team for wifi.. thinking about building a rain team for gen V too though.

    What kind of team are you going for?
    Cool stuff, since I'm bottom, we'll probably battle when you join :p.

    I used to have one in gen IV, but not anymore :).
    hi if you ever get a flawless one that will be cool but for the one you offer im not interested sorry
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