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  • Btw I've totally forgot to ask you a other question.
    What's your winstreak with your Durant/Gliscor/Blaziken team in the Battle Subway?
    Thanks for the friendship :)
    Btw I guess it was a while ago that you was online in Smogon or?
    I'm new so I just guess ;)
    I was trying to go through strategies that involve a full team. CounterCoat is basically a one-man-show because you can only use one Focus Sash. I did integrate the idea into the strategies (Sash-Counter Gengar).

    In Gen V you could use Sturdy as a Focus Sash but there are none that learn both Counter and Mirror Coat. Having said that, Metal Burst + Sturdy may be viable on things like Aggron and Bastiodon when combined with a Sash CounterCoat Pokémon. This would only be in Gen V though, I haven't updated the guide for Gen V yet.
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