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  • fuck

    sorry i kicked you

    the command for color in the one client I use is ctrl + k which is the kick command in linkinus 9.9
    Yeah team changes between rounds are legal, I can't really do otherwise or counter teaming is too easy.
    I saw it earlier, and I was gonna post, but I think that would have been against the rules or something.

    Otherwise, I ended up never going to the qualifier I was going to go to because I never finished RNG'ing and EV'ing my team (the fact that it also had a 3/4 weakness to Ice was also a huge letdown anyway), so you still did better than me. I got a good idea for next year though (even if it's Doubles OR Triples). ;)
    haha...I never made it that far in the Zero Isles to know that. What does Clamperl do in Ranger that makes it so scary?
    haha...I love your signature. It's true. Those Ledians are scary with their Silver Wind. I swear Sunflora said "Oh my gosh!" somewhere in that statement. =P
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