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  • I know most of hugen's, its just that when a new one like "albi the dragon" comes up it kinda makes me assume its anyone but that, or leads me to trolling him who in return mass trolls me.

    Trickroom is a different case, i know 1/50th of his alts, and i have no clue on how to trac k him. Unless he's on irc and online at the sametime, i don't have a clue of who he is, but even then ive only tracked him down once, and mistaked 15+ people for him D:.

    Knowing the trickroom's alts makes it easier tracking him and I'd think he'd be fine with it but I'll try asking him that question myself just to make sure he's fine with me receiving that kind of help.
    Hey man, me, Kale, and TNR started the FW on serebii and decided to leave the dump that is TPC. So, would you be interested in joining?
    Why dont you use IRC ? We have a dedicated channel there for Ubers discussion and its also better for chatting.
    OK, gona see it now. Jirachi needs to be popularized and oh in DW, Jirachi has more time to shine. Use with rain to stop Chandelure and Jirachi will do great---> eats even Soul Dew Lati twins.
    Sorry ! I was away. From today I'll be using the away feature to tell you if i'm on or not. I'm back now.
    Er I'm sorry. I didnt mean to be rude. How did my post come of as rude ? I'm genuinely surprised ? Again I'm sorry if my post sounded rude, but i never meant the post to be rude. TBH I'm shocked !
    Hey man, glad to hear your computer is back up ! I need you for some team testing help ! and the post below mine is just pure GOLD !
    yeah Gyarados isn't that great in Ubers. Try Jellicent maybe, since it worked out great for me. Gyarados kinda lacks recovery and bad stats which is horrible.
    I lost to hax. Dam. It was so horrible. Multiple haxes. Sleep Talk sucked for 3 turns, Focus Blast landed a Special Defense Drop in a crucial turn, and hit 4 times in a row. How could this happen? NOOO...I lost my streak. I am pretty sure I had it won then the haxes came. :(
    I felt so sad about it. When I was so happy about the streak, and now I lost in the most important match.
    Mention Chansey or Blissey lol. Make it 2 votes !_! then everyone will follow. How come I can't see the votes lol after I voted it.
    I think I will ask the Ubers mod about that :) Great Sage and Theorymon love inconsistent though but Jibaku wants it baned anyway.
    ok :) I kept got haxed these days dam. Nattorei almost replaced Skarmory now. Skarmory went extinct.
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