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  • Awesome! No need to hurry though, take your time :]

    I believe you can check IVs? Lemme know if I can help with anything.
    Hey bro ive been waiting inside for 10 minutes! Please hurry up im gonna pass out any moment!
    Hi, I saw on your thread you have the original Colosseum bonus disc. I've been looking for a Careful Gen III Jirachi with Body Slam for quite some time now, but I needed it to have decent IVs, so it would take a considerable ammount of time soft reseting for it.

    So: would you be willing to do this project for me? I'd give you a fair ammount of credits from my thread if you accept (even moreso if I also had Redis Rights). If not, its ok. Thanks anyway!
    Hmm... alright well i started RNG'ing this frame.. but i'm not getting the results i want. I'm pretty sure i'm hitting my frame now but it's just not playing out for me. And yes i'm familiar with PIDRNG but i'm not very proficient at it.
    Indeed it does. For actually everything :P IV RNG frame controls the IV spread. PID RNG frame controls gender, nature, ability and shinieness.
    Do you know much about the PID or where to look for it?
    Just wanted to tell you that your question has been wrongly awnsered. The frame for fossils (gift method) is frame 1 and not frame 8. Figured you prob won't be looking at the help thread anymore so that's why I'm VMing you about it just in case (so you won't lose to much time on it or get frustrated about not getting any results XD).
    Hmm I don't really get your question. Could you be mroe specific?

    1. Are you hatching egg or capturing?
    2. Are you still trying to get your DS parameters?
    3. Calibrating does not requires you to hit a certain. You just need hit your seed. Are you sweet scenting in Victory road?
    My trip was pretty awesome, but I'm super behind on stuff right now so no trading for me at this immediate moment :O
    Yeah! i figured it out a while ago haha thanks though. I managed to RNG a Deino with HP Ice 70 and iv's 31/14/30/31/31/31. gonna RNG Breed a Dark Pulse Deino with the exact same IV's.
    Hmmm.. aren't you suppose to catch a pokemon and use it's IV to determine which seed you have hit, along with your DS parameters?
    Hatch the egg and let me know the result ok. Although I am very confident I nail it, just double check it.
    Oh wow, Thanks a heap! i'm excited to hatch these things! :D By the way... Umm do you happen to know how to set up DS parameters for the RNG Reporter? I finally got the DS Lite to RNG once more
    Its ok, I will hang on to the eggs. Just let me know when you are inside wifi. I will take only 1min for me to get in.
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