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  • Can I EV train the Garbodor please? My White FC is 3224 4808 3211 so I can take it whenever you're ready. ^^
    Yeah, that would be cool. :D
    Although I can't get to PO right now cause I can't get access to my computer (using my phone right now), but tomorrow definitely if you're ok with that. I'll VM when I see you online. :)

    Yeah, it pisses me off when they take out useful TMs, like this one and SR. But I suppose it does make room for some new ones.
    Nice. :D Sun teams always scare me when I face them...

    I'm making a Hail team. :3 They're pretty underrated imo. I've been doing lots of testing on PO so I'll give the WiFi ladder a shot. Only problem is my Blissey needs Seismic Toss and Stealth Rock but I can't RNG on Gen III or Gen IV. :(
    xD, I look forward to it.

    Oh, so what kind of team do you have now then? Or is it not based around something?
    Good. I'm preparing a team for the WiFi ladder on Bulba. :D

    How's it going with you? Iirc you have a SS team, right?
    i can trade now. can i have entei instead of raikou? is entei from a legit wondercard too?
    Alright, I'll change it now.

    Sure, that's fine. I'm just sorting out my new Wi-Fi settings (new router) so once I'm ready I'll let you know. :P
    :O I swear it existed.

    I'm going to be adding some new stuff that I did while I was away shortly, so if you'd rather have some of them instead of Gyara/Raptor then let me know, otherwise those two sound good :D
    ok, but i can't trade right now. if you give me your email i'll send the pkm file to you now.
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