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  • Yeah I was like whoa. :D Transferring them to my rom right now! And nope, don't need them back.

    E: Petilil's SID is 30872, and the Vullaby's is 11357. :)
    Yep, that FC would be 1162 9036 8882. I have no idea what's going on with it. I actually haven't used wifi for a while, though, but this is just kind of odd.

    E: Aww man. Could you try to host the trade? Maybe that'd work.
    So my game is having some major issues apparently when it comes to wifi, would you mind trading it to my cartridge game so I can Union Room it to my rom? Might take a little longer, but I think that'll work.
    Hey, yeah, I can check both of those for you right after I finish checking someone else's. My game would appear to be having trouble getting the trade to work, though, so it may take a little bit.
    I can clone for you...
    (CMT for details)
    What are the IVs/etc. of the pokemon you want cloned?
    You can? Awesome. What it your friend code? Mine is 0089-1530-1856. I do want my gurdurr back and you will be reported otherwise.
    Well we'll see if thats hard or not because today I will be getting the game and I will try it right away!! ^^
    Also everything at once? :p I mean that sounds easier, that means you will have to hit your delay only once right? :p Not like in the 4th gen where is 2 times. ^^
    I can do everything. ^^
    RNG encounters, eggs, ivs, legendaries, wondercards (not needed anymore since events ended for the 4th gen) and abuse for my ID/SID (for flawless/shiny legends and encounter pkm. ^^). How about you?
    Haven't tried since I don't have the game yet!! xD But the non c-gear seeds sounds to me a lot like RNGing in D/P/Pt and the C-gear seeds are like hitting delays on HG/SS.
    By the way, have you mastered everything on the 4th gens RNG? :p
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